CABC brings together former U.S. Presidents and Canadian Prime Ministers to discuss

the Canada/U.S. relationship.

The Canadian American Business Council (CABC) is marking Canada’s 150th anniversary by publishing With Faith and Goodwill, a beautiful hardcover volume that curates 150 years of Canada-U.S. friendship and cooperation. The book explores the relationships between the Presidents and Prime Ministers of each era and the challenges and opportunities they faced together.


To bring those stories to life, the CABC is assembling former U.S. Presidents and Prime Ministers to speak about their time in office.


The Canadian American Business Council looks forward to these timely conversations between distinguished leaders.


For more information, please contact:

Virginia Beckett


June 6, 2017

Dallas, TX

President Bush &

 Prime Minister Harper



Simi Valley, CA

June 15, 2017

Atlanta, GA

President Carter &

Prime Minister Clark

October 4, 2017

Montreal, QC

President Clinton &

Prime Minister Chretien